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Your Guide to Scuba Diving in the Madeira Islands

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Diving Funchal – diving center in Funchal with excellent facilities and everything you need to spend wonderful days.

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Scuba Dives

Get away from daily routine and join the scuba dives with us in a tour to the most amazing dive places in Madeira Island.

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Find all the information you need to plan and prepare for your holiday in Madeira Island, plus a wealth of related material.

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Diving is beautiful, but Madeira has so much to offer, discover what other activities you can do. We show you all the places to go!

Diving Madeira! Diving Funchal!

If you are looking for scuba diving in Funchal, Madeira; you are in the right place!

Prepare to be enthralled by the magnificent secrets beneath the surface of the Madeira Islands. This tropical paradise is renowned for its stunning beaches, but the underwater realm truly sets it apart. Dive into an extraordinary world where vibrant marine life thrives, captivating scuba divers from around the globe.

This island of Portugal and its fabulous underwater world will help us to give you a wonderful holiday. There are many dive spots to discover, as well as new adventures to start with our diving school. With the SSI and PADI courses, you can start with the open water course and evolve with advanced, rescue, divemaster and many specialties.

Experience the thrill of drift dives, where currents gently carry you along as you explore the underwater wonders. Whether your heart yearns for an exhilarating dive in the National Underwater Park, a delightful snorkelling adventure with playful dolphins, or simply a peaceful boat ride, our team will make your experience unforgettable. Our dedicated staff is highly skilled and incredibly friendly, ensuring that you feel welcomed and at ease from the moment you step on board.

Get ready to dive into the splendour of the Madeira Islands, where an underwater paradise awaits. Explore its pristine reefs, encounter captivating marine life, and create memories that will last a lifetime. The Madeira invites you to immerse yourself in its breathtaking world, where each dive reveals the ocean’s wonders. Are you ready to embark on this remarkable journey of discovery?

Visit our diving center in Funchal and… let’s go diving!!!