New Logo Explora Madeira Diving Center

New Logo Explora Madeira Diving Center

Who knows us since the first years of activity knows it, we never stop! Every year we like to make you find something new, from our equipment, our courses, our services and why not, sometimes also about our image!

We are divers, we are explorers, and this is our way of life!
Let’s live it great and cool!  Explora Madeira lifestyle!

Diving Funchal, Diving Madeira, exploring… always!!


Take a look at our new logo! We always think about our divers and we are preparing some surprises for you. This is the first! Curious? Stay tuned.

we are mid-February but … as normal, even today we had some good dives, with new and old friends, from who is a veteran diver to those who have just set foot in a diving school in Madeira for the first time!