Freediving Madeira

One single breath and no tank.

What do you think?

Accept the challenge?

Freediving pool, apnea in Funchal

With the right technique each of us is able to do things that we thought impossible. Let us take you on this amazing journey! Live the magic of apnea.

It does not matter if it’s your first time, or you want to push yourself beyond your limits, with us you will learn how to relax, how to optimize the consumption of energy, how to reduce your need for oxygen and how to become more hydrodynamic.

You can do a “try freediving”, a course, a fun dive and personalized workouts. There are so many possibilities in this new world, where you can discover yourself, your limits and how to overcome them.

In conclusion, with the instructors of our freediving center you will have fun and you can participate in the freediving courses with SSI and PSS certification.

Funchal Madeira underwater apnea
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We organize freediving training, courses and workshops all year round. Take the opportunity to do a freediving course in Madeira, our freediving center is located in Funchal with excellent conditions, from the beginner to the professional.

What do you think about it? Seems like you can have a great experience!

Freediving Madeira!   Freediving Funchal!   Explora Madeira Diving Center!

ps. if you want to cheat and … spend a lot of time under the water … maybe you have to take a look at our scuba diving courses! :-) Another way to have fun underwater!