Who we are

Diving is our passion and we love to make you feel at home.
We are safe, funny, friendly, flexible and we love the sea.

We value and practice professionalism, hospitality and trust!
Your partner for hassle-free diving in Madeira Island.

We never do large groups, maximum 4 divers of similar level for professional, we dive without hurry, in safety and fun.

Our try dive are always 1 to 1, and in courses at most we have 3 students per instructor, so we can do the course with the maximum of learning, safety and without spending your holidays in the pool!

Anything you need don’t hesitate to ask, with Explora Madeira there are no problems, only solutions!


Manager, Scuba Instructor, Skipper

In Madeira from 2010, during his first holiday he fall in love for the island and he never go away. He open “Explora Madeira” in 2012 and since then his goal is to see happy divers with a big smile at the end of the day. If diving is fun, “Explora Madeira” is a lifestyle!! :-)

 Language: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French

 Favorite dive: the next! Every dive has its own magic, and when you least expect it … you suddenly live your most beautiful dive ever!

diving school instructor funchal


Manager, Scuba Instructor,

Freediving Instructor, Skipper

The mother of seahorses and our general, without her our housereef is not the same. Skillful scuba diver, passionate freediver and lover of archeology. Be warned, to get along with her … respect the rules!

Language: English, Portugues, French, Italian and Spanish

 Favorite dive: housereef! Nothing like the seahorses and the archaeological finds of the housereef make her happy!

scuba diving instructor madeira


Assistant Manager, Divemaster, Skipper

She started with Explora Madeira as a receptionist, but the call of the sea was strong! So, first she became a skipper and then, won the fear of the sea, a beautiful and skilled divemaster!  In love with the sea and animals.
Do not be misled by the size, our Sofia is great in power, responsibility and heart.

 Language: English, Portuguese, Spanish and French

 Favorite dive: Garajau! She love this dive and its giant groupers. We have not yet understood if the preference is due to the sympathy of groupers or … to their size, similar to those of our Sofia!

scuba divemaster madeira